Tenpoint Vengent S440 vs Ravin R20: The Rivals

There is nothing new to add about the rivalry between TenPoint crossbows and Ravin crossbows. Both of them are some of the best crossbow manufacturers in the world. Tenpoint makes both top-end and budget-oriented crossbows. But when you declare war against Ravin, budget segment crossbows won’t do. Tenpoint Vengent isn’t the first Tenpoint crossbow to compete against Ravin. It won’t be the last either. How does it fair against the Ravin R20? We will find that out shortly.

Tenpoint Vengent S440


Ravin R20 Crossbow

SpecsTenpoint Vengent S400Ravin R20
Speed440 FPS430 FPS
Kinetic Energy166 FP-KE164 FP-KE
Power Stroke14 Inches13 Inches
Draw Weight250 LBS220 LBS
Axle To Axle5.8 / 11 Inches6 / 10.5 Inches
Length35 Inches34.5 Inches
Weight7.7 LBS7.1 LBS

Difference Between Tenpoint Vengent S400 Ravin R20

  • Vengent is faster.
  • Ravin R20 is lighter.
  • Ravin R20 is also smaller (only a bit).
  • Vengent is a little bit more powerful.

Those are the key differences between the Tenpoint vengent s400 vs Ravin R20. Lets find out advantages & disadvantages.

Tenpoint Vengent S440: Advantages

Let’s be real here, Vengent S440 isn’t the first Tenpoint crossbow that is being compared to Ravin R20. Tenpoint releases several crossbows for same price tag. Which makes it hard to choose from one. The Vengent is both more powerful and faster than Ravin R20. The difference is not that high. But it’s there and noticeable. In terms of accuracy, both of them are deadly accurate.

The Vengent S440 is also quite silent. You won’t be needing after market dampeners for the crossbow. The included scope is also good and it suits the crossbow quite well.

Ravin R20: Advantages

Ravin R20 has been the go-to crossbow around $2000 price point. It was the best crossbow of 2019. Appreciated by reviewers and users alike, the Ravin R20 is nothing less than a cult classic. Although, it’s not old enough to be considered as one. But you get my point.

The accuracy, complete silence, silent cranking device, and insane kinetic energy makes it one of the best high-end crossbows in the market. Even in 2021, the crossbow is quite good and performs excellently. Ravin R20 has a pretty good track record for good quality control. You will also get a good after-sale service from Ravin as well.

Tenpoint Vengent S440 Crossbow Problems

The price tag of the Vengent 400 is quite high. That makes it not a possible buy for a lot of us. Once you get passed the price-tag barrier, this crossbow can be an easy to recommend to everyone. The price to performance value on this one is just insane! I honestly can’t imagine just how good the Vengent performs.

Well it was supposed to be a cons section. No cons for today, I guess.

Ravin R20: Cons

Ravin has a reputation of providing shitty crossbow scopes. There is a different package of the Ravin R20 known as Ravin R20 sniper. In that package the Ravin R20 comes with a sniper crossbow that performs quite well. The stock scope, not so much.

The price tag of this crossbow is also quite high.

Tenpoint Vengent S440 vs Ravin R20: Video Comparison

Tenpoint Vengent S440 vs Ravin R20 Summary

Both of these crossbows are solid and can give each other a good head to head fight. The difference between the two isn’t that much. It will come down to your preference. Which one do you like more? 10 FPS won’t make the worlds difference. If you like Ravin R20 more, go for it. No questions asked. If you like it, it will be worth it.

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