Best Ravin Crossbow Reviews In 2021 [In-Depth-Reviews]

Ravin is a flagship crossbow manufacturer. Their crossbows are some of the most expensive and critically acclaimed crossbows on the market. Ravin is not that old of a manufacturer. That’s why a lot of people thinks they are just fluking their way in the industry. How can you call it a fluke? Their crossbows just keep getting better and better. Their competitions are having hard time to keep up with. That’s a win in my book.

Ravin doesn’t have many crossbows in their bags. While looking for Ravin crossbows, finding the best Ravin crossbow maybe troublesome. That’s why you are here. Don’t worry, you will find more than what you are looking for. Stick to the end. Let’s get started.

History And Heritage

Ravin doesn’t have a rich history like many other archery manufacturers. Their history is quite lackluster compared to a lot of other brands that is working for over 50 years.

Ravin crossbow started in 2015 with some passionate hunters that wanted to provide the best hunting gears possible. They didn’t find success from get-go. It took them 4 years to find critically acclaim success and create a fanbase big enough to hype their next releases. In the year 2019, Ravin released R20 and R10. In that year both of those crossbows ended up winning the best crossbow of the year-2019 editor’s choice awards.

Quite a big achievement for a company this small.

Ravin crossbows are manufactured in Superior, Wisconsin. They don’t have the biggest factory, but they got enough driven force to produce a good number of crossbows each year.

Ravin Technologies

For a company this young, Ravin did invent a lot of revolutionary technologies.

HeliCoil Technology

HeliCoil is one of the best cams to string invention we witnessed in a long while. You guys are probably aware of Micro-Trac barrel. That technology used to reduce the friction between the string and the crossbow rail. Resulting in long living bowstring.

HeliCoil is not a one stage technology. It’s a combination of multiple ground-breaking technologies mashed together.

Frictionless Flight System

Frictionless flight system is quite similar to Micro-Trac barrel. Instead of reducing the friction, there is no friction between the arrow and the rail to begin with. Making the arrows fly straight and more accurate shots.


Trac-Trigger is a built-in injection molded trigger mechanism that compliments the HeliCoil technology. Each time you press the trigger the releases point is straight on the middle of the arrow. Making sure the arrow flies straight and without any hinderance.

Versa-Draw Cocking System

As ACUdraw is patented by Tenpoint, Ravin legally can’t use ACUdraw technology. Frankly speaking, they don’t even need to do that. The Versa-Draw cocking system is an upgraded edition of cranking aid that is not only silent, but also quite light. It won’t add much extra weight to the crossbow itself.

You will only need 12lbs of drawing force with a Versa-Draw cranking device.

Ravin Accessories

Just like all the other brands out there, Ravin also makes accessories to go with their crossbows.


Ravin makes three types of broadheads that are priced quite similarly. Depending on your hunting style and what animal you are hunting, you may want to take a specific broadhead.

Crossbow Cases

Besides crossbow carrying case, Ravin also makes arrow carrying case. That’s pretty cool gesture from Ravin. Most of the time a beginner hunter neglects the importance of straight arrows. The case can help you with that issue.


To match all the cool hunters out there, Ravin makes some dope looking apparels. From tee shirt to hoodie, you will find regular shirts as well.


Ravin makes specific set of arrows for their crossbows. All of them are quite lightweight and powerful. It does make you a bit depended on Ravin, but they are worth the pretty penny.

Crossbow Scope

If you have read some Ravin crossbow reviews before, then you know that we have a complaint regarding the crossbow scopes. The included crossbow scope isn’t that bright or the reticle isn’t beginner friendly at all. Those sounds more of personal complaints than cons.

For that issue, Ravin does sell separate scopes and red dot sights in their website.

1. Ravin R500 Crossbow Package- Fastest Crossbow Of All Time

Speed500 FPS
Kinetic Energy222 FP-KE
Power Stroke15 Inches
Draw Weight300 LBS
Axle-To-Axle3.6 / 7.6 Inches
Length28 Inches

Welcome, the fastest crossbow to ever grace the battlefield. Ravin R500 is the first crossbow to reach the 500 FPS mark. That’s an astonishing achievement. If anyone had to pull it off, who better than Ravin?

Ravin R500 is an extremely powerful crossbow.

It can generate up to 222ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Highest among any crossbows. Without any doubt, this is the most powerful crossbow ever made.

The weight of the R500 is 8.4lbs. It’s not lightweight. With the added accessories, the weight will be well over 10 pounds. Still, I will say it’s quite lightweight for the power it’s packing.

The included scope is an excellent one. It can be accurate up to 550 FPS in a 100yard range. Highest rating among any crossbow scope as well. The crossbow comes with built-in sling mounts for your convenience.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Compact and maneuverable.
  • 222ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • 500 FPS.
  • Incredible scope included.
  • HexCoil CAM system.
  • Versa-Drive Cocking Device.


  • There aren’t any.

2. Ravin R29 Crossbow Package- Best Ravin Crossbow For Deer Hunting

Speed430 FPS
Kinetic Energy164 FP-KE
Power Stroke12.5 Inches
Draw Weight270 LBS
Axle-To-Axle6 / 10.5 Inches
Length29 Inches
Weight6.75 LBS

Ravin R29 is the successor of the critically acclaimed Ravin R20. The Ravin R29 improves a lot of things over the Ravin R20. The Ravin R29 isn’t faster than the Ravin R20, but it’s smaller and more well-made than the Ravin R20. Which will make you more comfortable when you opt for hunt a deer.

Ravin R29 has an incredible flight rail made from CNC machined aluminum. The anodization on the aluminum is on next level. There aren’t any defects or sharp edges on the anodization.

The Ravin R29 is capable of generating 164 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. One of the more powerful among most modern crossbows.

Ravin R29 is smaller and lighter than Ravin R20. The max speed of Ravin R29 is also 430 FPS. It’s not the highest in Ravin crossbows, but you need to remember it’s not the most expensive Ravin crossbow either.

Ravin R29 also uses the HexCoil cam system and Versa-Draw cranking device. The included scope on this crossbow is also a better one. Really suits the crossbow and its firing style.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Good build quality.
  • 430 FPS.
  • 164 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • Excellent stock scope.
  • Noise suppression is super good.


  • Expensive.

3. Ravin R26 Crossbow Package- Most Compact Crossbow From Ravin

Speed400 FPS
Kinetic Energy142 FP-KE
Power Stroke9.5 Inches
Draw Weight340 LBS
Axle-To-Axle5.75 / 9.25 Inches
Length26 Inches
Weight6.5 LBS

Ravin R26 is the smaller brother of the Ravin R29. Just like Ravin R10 was to Ravin R20. We can call it the successor of the Ravin R10. It has a lot of similarities to the Ravin R10 as well.

Ravin R26 is only 26” long. While Ravin R10 is over 33”. The size difference and the weight difference is quite noticeable. Ravin R26 can shoot at an incredible speed of 400 FPS. Although it’s not as high as the Ravin500 or the Ravin R29. 400 FPS is quite fast as well.

The height and the width of the Ravin R26 makes it super easy to maneuver. You can wiggle it through spots where taking a bow wasn’t possible before. Compact crossbows are best crossbows without any doubt.

The Ravin R26 based itself over the award winning R10 and delivered an even better version of Ravin R10. Truly earning the spot in this best Ravin crossbow reviews.


  • Good build quality.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • 400 FPS speed.
  • 142 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • HeliCoil, Versa-Draw, Frictionless Flight System.


  • The price tag is higher than Ravin R20. At that point it’s hard to justify this over the R20.

4. Ravin R20 Crossbow Package- Successor Of The Ravin R10

Speed430 FPS
Kinetic Energy164 FP-KE
Power Stroke12.5 Inches
Draw Weight270 Inches
Axle-To-Axle6 / 10.5 Inches
Length34.5 Inches
Weight7.1 LBS

Ravin R20 was the editor’s choice best crossbow of the year 2019 winner. When it first came out and reviewers started to make videos on it, it made a commotion within the hunters. Everyone was looking forward to get their hands on one. In that year, Ravin R20 was one of the best crossbows on the market. There is no doubt or denying that fact.

Even in 2021, Ravin R20 is one of the best Ravin crossbows on the market. The value it provides for the money is quite insane. It’s cheaper than Ravin R26 but faster than Ravin R26.

Ravin R20 is capable of generating 164 ft-lbs of kinetic energy and it can fire at up to 430 FPS of speed.

That’s an incredible specs sheet you are getting for what you are paying. The value of the Ravin R20 in 2021 is insane. It packs a high resell value as well. It’s faster than any other Recurve crossbow in the similar price-bracket.

Ravin picked an uncontested sweet spot for this crossbow. The only complaints about this crossbow was about the scope. According to many reviewers and reviews, the scope was quite subpar and underwhelming. Ravin being Ravin, they took suggestions from the community and improved their crossbow scope vastly.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Pre-tuned and pre-installed.
  • Versa-Draw cranking device.
  • 430 FPS.
  • 164 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • All of the good Ravin technologies.


  • The scope performance is subpar.

5. Ravin R10 Crossbow Package- Best Ravin Crossbow For Beginners

Speed400 FPS
Kinetic Energy142 FP-KE
Power Stroke11 Inches
Draw Weight270 LBS
Axle-To-Axle6 / 10.5 Inches
Length33 Inches
Weight6.8 LBS

Ravin dropped the price of this crossbow to make it even more competitive.

Ravin R10 is a lightweight and compact crossbow. It can generate up to 142 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Each of those arrows flies at an incredible speed of 400 FPS.

Ravin R10 has a 100 yards illuminated crossbow scope. Just like the Ravin R20, the crossbow scope here is quite underwhelming as well.

But the crossbows performance more than makes it up for it. HeliCoil technology with frictionless flight system is a treat to have. Bowstring lasts way longer than before. Ravin R10 comes pre-tuned and pre-installed.

Versa-Draw cocking device takes down the draw weight of the crossbow to only 12lbs. lower draw weight than other competitions of the crossbow.


  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • 142 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • 400 FPS.
  • HeliCoil and Versa-Draw.
  • Anti-Dry fire safety system.
  • 100 yards illuminated crossbow scope.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Scope performance isn’t that impressive.

Frequently ASK Questions

Is Ravin Crossbow Worth The Money?

If you are looking for lightweight and compact crossbow that can shoot like a tank, absolutely. All of the crossbows on the list from Ravin is some of the best crossbows on the market. I know Ravin R500 is crazy expensive. But you can’t forget just how much of a value it’s providing for the money.

What Is The Best Ravin Crossbow To Buy?

If your budget allows it, then buy the Ravin R500. If your budget doesn’t allow it, take anything from the list that fits your budget. The R500 is the best Ravin crossbow of all time there is no denying that.

How Good Are Ravin Crossbows?

You read the reviews, right? You can see just how good they performed on field and on controlled environment. Ravin blew away competitors with higher speed from the water.

How Fast Are The Ravin Crossbows?

Depending on which Ravin crossbow you buy, you will get anything from 400 to 500 FPS. Ravin R500 being the fastest crossbow on the market.

How Far Can A Ravin Crossbow Shoot?

All of the Ravin crossbows can shoot 100 yards and beyond with ease. They won’t sweat a bit at that range. The 0-accuracy range is beyond 300 yards. But around 100 yards or so, the crossbow is as accurate as it’s possible.

How To Shoot A Deer With A Ravin Crossbow?

You don’t need any special instruction to shoot with a Ravin crossbow. Ravin crossbows comes pre-tuned and pre-installed. All you have to do is, load the bow with the included arrows. Use a broadhead if you want. After that, aim at the deer and shoot. That’s it, the procedure won’t change for any crossbows.

Are Ravin Crossbows Loud?

No, they are as silent as a crossbow can get. All of the CAMs and the string on Ravin crossbow has sound dampener in them. That’s why Ravin doesn’t vibrate while shooting either.

How To Quite A Ravin Crossbow?

You don’t need to do that. But if you are not satisfied with the stock dampener, you can easily take out the existing dampeners and change them with whatever your heart desire.

How To Load A Ravin Crossbow?

The cocking mechanism is not that different on this from other crossbows with cranking device. You need to release the cranking handle before starting loading the crossbow. Make sure that the safety is on and not off.

Follow the manual included with the crossbow to see the visuals. Ravin has a guide related to this on their YouTube channel as well.

How To Release A String On A Ravin Crossbow:

Replacing the string on a compound crossbow is nightmare. That’s why manufacturers suggest you to take the crossbow to the dealership to replace the string. Before you remove the string yourself, we recommend using the Ravin R280 Crossbow Serving and string conditioner. It’s a liquid based substance that will soften up the string and make the removing process much easier.

How To Increase The Speed Of A Ravin Crossbow?

High-end crossbows come with a specific set of arrows. Outside of those arrows, it’s impossible for the crossbow to reach advertised speed. If you are not receiving the true speed of Ravin crossbows, then I highly suggest buying a set of arrows from Ravin that is made for your Ravin crossbow.

How To Sight In A Ravin Crossbow?

Sighting-in a crossbow is a fun task. It’s tedious, but it’s fun. All of the Ravin crossbows comes pre-calibrated from the factory. But it’s better to set the zero on 20 yards on your end. Here is a great guide regarding the tedious procedure.

Conclusion: Best Ravin Crossbow

Ravin crossbows doesn’t have the biggest catalogue or richest history. What they do have is a loyal community and an incredible hunger to do better. That’s why each year, they just keep getting better and better. If you have read our previous reviews, you know by now just how good Ravin crossbows are. Recurve crossbows doesn’t hold a candle in front of them.

In this Ravin crossbow reviews, I tried my best to present you guys what I think are the best Ravin crossbows on the market. I recommend reading the whole review instead of skipping through it. Trust me, you don’t want to miss a thing. Till next time.