Tenpoint Venom vs Vapor: Old Is Gold!

Tenpoint Vapor is one of the most expensive crossbows lineup from Tenpoint. Even the most expensive crossbow from Tenpoint is from Vapor lineup. Both Venom and Vapor exists for a long time now. How do they compare today? Did they age good enough for you to still consider them? Or should you get the latest ones instead? So many questions, so little time. Let’s find out those answers you and I are looking for.

Tenpoint Venom Crossbow


Tenpoint Vapor Crossbow

SpecsTenpoint VenomTenpoint Vapor
Speed372 FPS360 FPS
Kinetic Energy114 FP-KE120.9 FP-KE
Power Stroke13.5 Inches15.5 Inches
Draw Weight185 LBS165 LBS
Axle To Axle13.3 / 17.6 Inches12.6 / 17.5 Inches
Length35 Inches37.375 Inches
Weight6.7 LBS6.8 LBS

Main Difference Between Tenpoint Venom & Vapor

  • Venom is faster than vapor.
  • Vapor has a smaller power stroke than Venom.
  • Vapor requires longer arrows than Venom.

Noteworthy differences between the Tenpoint venom vs vapor. Now let’s find out which one to choose and why.

Reason To Choose The Tenpoint Venom Crossbow

The reason is simple, the Venom is faster than first gen Vapor that you probably never heard of. That’s right, Vapor wasn’t the fastest crossbow when they came out. It was one of the fastest crossbows of that time. But Venom was faster. The max speed of the Tenpoint Venom is 372 FPS. For that time, it was a lot. Even right now it’s quite fast. You can’t count out 370 FPS. Not many beginner crossbows can even reach that speed.

The build quality was also quite a bit better on the Venom. As it came out later than the Vapor. They had quite a bit time to fix their mistakes and improve the bow a lot.

Reason To Choose The Tenpoint Vapor Crossbow?

You have heard of the Vapor RS470. Even if you right now search on Google, the first search will lead you to the Vapor RS470. One of the fastest crossbows on the market. But the first Vapor on the market wasn’t that fast. It was 110 FPS slower than the current generation Vapor crossbows. If you are some sort of collector and like to collect vintage and old crossbows, then this crossbow can be an excellent choice for your collection.

The speed and the kinetic energy are still pretty respectable.

Tenpoint Venom Crossbow Problems

The main con of the Venom is the scope. The scope on this crossbow is not good enough for the crossbow. A latest crossbow from Tenpoint or any other brand will do wonders for this crossbow. The second con is more like whining. You won’t be able to find this crossbow for a fair price. That makes this crossbow a bad purchase. Right now, you can find better crossbow for this price. End of whining.

Tenpoint Vapor Crossbow Problems

The Vapor also suffered from a bad crossbow scope. It’s nowhere near the current Vapor RS470, but it was decent. The scope held back the crossbow a lot.

Tenpoint Venom vs Vapor: Video Comparison


Tenpoint Venom vs Vapor Summary

Both of these crossbows are fairly old now. There are also other new crossbows that performs far better than any of the mentioned crossbows. That’s why if you are thinking of buying it, I will say, go for one of those instead.

Sure, these can be a good choice as collectibles to have at your disposal. For daily drivers, their prices are not worth the money anymore. Mainly because of the inflated after market price. If you could find one for the accurate and original MSRP, take it. Both of them are excellent crossbows at that price range.

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