The Best 10 Must-Have Crossbow Hunting Accessories

Crossbow hunting is quite prominent nowadays. Although a crossbow with the hunt-ready package is enough to get you started. That doesn’t mean you don’t need other accessories to make your hunting even better. Here are some of the best crossbow hunting accessories that every hunter should have in their arsenal. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

1. Crossbow Scope

Most of the time, your crossbow should come with a sight or a scope. If you are using a budget crossbow, chances are the scope is not the best. The crossbow might not be able to keep up with your pace and the speed of the crossbow. For that reason, you should try to upgrade the crossbow scope asap.

2. Crossbow Bolts

A lot of manufacturers limits the bolt usage on a crossbow. If that’s your case, then you need to buy the specific bolts from the manufacturer to unlock the peak performance. You can always try out different arrows from some of the best manufacturers out there to find out which one suits your hunting style the best.

3. Crossbow Broadheads

Broadheads are crucial for hunting. They pierce through the flesh and gets stuck in there. That’s the point. So, the animal doesn’t run away from you. They are made to take down animals of all sizes. There are different broadheads for different ranges. Make sure to get through the whole catalogue.

4. Cocking Device

I cannot comprehend enough just how important this is for a crossbow. Crossbows requires more force than a rifle to load the bow. You can cut down the weight by using a cranking device. If your crossbow doesn’t support a cranking device, then buy a rope cocking device. It will make your life so much easier.

5. Crossbow Quiver

Most modern crossbows comes with a quiver inside the package. You install it on the bottom of the crossbow. Depending on the quiver you can keep 3 or more arrows inside it. Quiver will reduce the loading time by a lot.

6. Crossbow Sling

Another important item. If you are planning to a walk a lot with the crossbow on your hand, a sling is a must to have for you. You don’t want to put down the crossbow on the ground every time you take out the binocular to spot something.

7. Crossbow Stand

When you are done using the crossbow and want to set it down somewhere. A crossbow holder/stand will be a great place to store the crossbow. This way, your crossbow won’t get knocked around and there won’t be any physical damage on the bow itself.

8. Crossbow Case

Crossbow cases can get quite expensive. That’s why not a lot of companies included a carrying case with their bow. You need to buy them separately. And you should buy a case for your crossbow. If you have no problems spending behind a hard-carrying case, then you should try to get a hard-carrying case for your crossbow. It will protect the crossbow from all-sorts of physical damage.

9. Climbing Sticks

Climbing sticks are more portable version of tree stands. They are easy to carry around will give you the needed boost to get out of the sight of the prey. They are also cheaper than tree stands. Hunting from above has its own advantages. That’s why you should try to invest in a good pair of lightweight climbing sticks.

10. Climbing TreeStand

Tree stand isn’t limited to crossbow hunting. All sorts of hunters can benefit from a good tree stand. You can take place on height and surprise the animal without making any noise or staying in the sight of the animal.


There are tons of other crossbow accessories available. Such as, noise suppression kit, tripod for crossbow, etc. But we tried to feature the best 10 must have crossbow hunting accessories. In my opinion, all of the mentioned ones are must have for hunting.

They will make your hunting easier and more enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy hunting, you won’t be doing it for long. Make sure to enjoy the sport and be safe.

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