Barnett Ghost 385 vs 410: Which One Should You Go For?

Making two or more versions of the same crossbow is nothing new. Many brands have been doing that for decades. Barnett ghost 385 vs 410 is a similar argument. Both of them are way too similar besides some key specifications. Are there any more differences between the two besides the speed? Both of them looks a lot similar. If there are no differences between the two, then which one should you go for? Let’s find that out together.

Barnett Ghost 385 Crossbow


Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow

SpecsBarnett Ghost 385Barnett Ghost 410
Speed385 FPS410 FPS
Kinetic Energy132 FP-KE149 FP-KE
Power Stroke14 Inches15.4 Inches
Draw Weight185 LBS185 LBS
Axle To Axle22 / 20 Inches22 / 20 Inches
Length34 Inches37.375 Inches
Weight6.9 LBS7.2 LBS

Difference Between Barnett Ghost 385 Vs 410

  • Ghost 410 is faster than Ghost 385 (duh).
  • Barnett Ghost 410 is heavier than Ghost 385.
  • 410 can generate more kinetic energy than 385.
  • Barnett Ghost 385 is slightly less compact than 410.
  • 410 is more expensive than 385

Those are the noteworthy differences between the Barnett ghost 385 & 410. Now let’s find out which one to choose and why.

Why To Choose The Barnett Ghost 385?

The main reason to choose this over the 410 is the price. The 385 drives a hard bargain that is too hard to ignore. The price to performance ratio is insane on this one. That’s why my go to preference will be this. For the money you are paying, you will get a solid crossbow that can perform well in big game hunting.

You need to tune the crossbow a bit to drag out the best performance from it. When you do, the result will be very pleasing.

Why To Choose The Barnett Ghost 410?

If you have the money to spare, then the obvious choice here should be the Ghost 410. Why? It’s faster and far more powerful than the Ghost 385. It’s a good thing both of these crossbows has so many differences instead of just the look and speed. Now, the question is, whether the extra money worth it or not. We know the 385 is a bang for the buck.

In my opinion, yes, the extra money is more than worth it. Both in paper and on-field, you are getting a better crossbow through and through. That’s why for me the winner of the comparison is without a doubt the Ghost 410.

Barnett Ghost 385 Problems

The main con of the crossbow for me was the draw weight. It’s quite heavy. Without the rope cocker, you will be exhausted after a couple of shots. Good thing the crossbow comes with a rope cocking aid.

Barnett Ghost 410 Problems

I would love to have a cranking device with this one. Unfortunately, that’s not an option. It’s not compatible with most ACU draw devices. Which is a bummer.  You would expect it to have a pre-installed cranking device.

Barnett Ghost 385 vs 410: Video Comparison

Barnett Ghost 385 vs 410 Summary

If you read the whole thing, you know which one is the winner. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick the other crossbow. I will highly suggest both of the mentioned crossbows. Both of them are good for hunting. As both of them are pretty silent and deadly. Like always, if you sped more, you will get a faster crossbow. That’s universal rule.

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