Barnett Ghost 350 vs 360: Should You Take 350 Instead Of 360?

You guys are already aware of the Barnett Ghost series. Under this name Barnett has several crossbows. Barnett Ghost 385 vs Ghost 410 was a heating battle. The heat continues at the lower end as well. Barnet Ghost 350 and 360 both are entry ghosts. If that makes sense. I don’t know how to word it better. Anyway, moving on.

Although they are not as invisible as real ghosts. Both of these crossbows are quite silent and deadly like the ghosts we see in the movies. Both of them are priced quite similar as well. The affordable price tag makes it appealing to a lot of hunters. Let’s find out which one should you go for.

Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow


Barnett Ghost 360 Crossbow

SpecsBarnett Ghost 350Barnett Ghost 360
Speed350 FPS360 FPS
Kinetic Energy116 FP-KE115 FP-KE
Power Stroke12 Inches14 Inches
Draw Weight175 LBS165 LBS
Axle To Axle24 Inches20 Inches
Length37 Inches37.5 Inches
Weight7.1/2 LBS7.3 LBS

Difference Between Barnett Ghost 350 & 360

Even though both of these crossbows are quite similar, they do have their differences. Some of them are more major than the other.

  • Ghost 360 has a lower draw weight than Ghost 350.
  • Ghost 350 is lighter than Ghost 360.
  • Power stroke is longer on Ghost 360.
  • Ghost 360 is .5” than Ghost 350.

Barnett Ghost 350 Advantages

The Ghost 350 came out first and started the Ghost lineup. It’s a beginner level crossbow that is priced quite nicely. It’s good and it’s affordable. What more do you need? You need more than that but you get my point. It does the job what it supposed to do. For that, it got my full recommendation. But as a crossbow whole, it may lack behind the Ghost 360.

Barnett Ghost 360 Advantages

Ghost 360 came after 350 and improved a lot of things. It’s more compact. At the same time, it has lesser draw weight and more power. It’s also capable of firing faster. All of them are quite good upgrades and makes this crossbow even more viable. The value it’s providing is also insane.

In my book, the price gap is more than worth it and you should go for this instead of the 350 version. The Ghost 360 is simply the better crossbow among the two.

Barnett Ghost 350 Problems

As this was the first integration of the crossbow, it had its flaws. One of the major flaws was the string fray. It’s quite fragile and breaks easily. That’s troublesome. It will cost a lot of money in the long run.

The included manual looks like it came from the 90’s. Pretty vague and unclear about what to do and what not to do.

Barnett Ghost 360 Problems

The scope mount on the Ghost 360 is a bit finnicky. That means you might find it hard to replace the scope. I would highly appreciate a better mounting system on the crossbow. If you are planning on upgrading the scope, you need to leave it there. As removing it and adding another will consume a lot of time.

Speaking of spoke, definitely change the stock scope. You must change it. The included scope is beyond garbage. Once you cross the 40yards the crossbow scopes accuracy is nonexistent.

Barnett Ghost 350 vs 360: Video Comparison

Barnett Ghost 350 vs 360 Summary

So, which one to choose? From this two, I will say go for the Ravin R15. The extra money is well worth it. You will get a more powerful and faster crossbow. The draw weight on both of these crossbows is nonexistent. You don’t need to worry about that.

If the extra speed and the kinetic energy means nothing to you, you can go for the Ravin R9. Even in 2021, both of these crossbows provide an insane value.

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